A few of the testimonials and comments received about Jewel's work.

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Thank you for spending your time with me and encouraging me to develope my ability to level three.. Level three was a unique and special expereince i feel more confident now really wish you well and lots of happiness thank you again..

Thank you so much i have really had a wounderful day doing the level one workhop. Its really help me and open my eyes so much more looking forward to Level two.. Thank you Karen Bradly..
Karen Bradly

Hi Jewel-Marie I just wanted to write this message to you and thank you for the mediumship you did for me in my reading you did me a reading but also contacted my brother for me as well and you proved to me it was my brother I cried a lot while having my reading and you were so kind to me so I just need to thank you and say your one of the special ones thank you..
Lucy Pratt York..

Thank you so much for such a wonderful positive reading it was very accurate and I'm amazed by it love and light.
Dellena Tate xx.

I just wanted to say thank you for changing my life i have done all your three workshop's now and they have changed my life i cant find the words to say how good a teacher you are so down to earth and also showed me Spiritual things can also make you laugh thank you Jewel..
Jane Walsh... York

Thank you Jewel-Marie I have never had a reading before and i had a Palmistry Reading with you I never new my hands told such a story of my life you were spot on with my past and whats happening now in my life and by having my hands read by you i now know the right direction for my future thank you your a true and honest lady thanks..
Mark Thompson.

Best ever reading no nonsense no prompting! very good and was the first Medium to ever bring my father back and give me proof it was him i can now lay him to rest..
Tim Jessy Sheffield..

Had two readings with Jewel over the last four years she was absolutely spot on with everything! my children the past my partner etc my daughter has also been to her three times over the past 5 years shes so down to earth thank you Jewel-Marie..
From Wendy Stagg Hull..

Jewel-Marie reading has given me new hope to over come my obstacles she new things about me it spooked me a bit but my reading was excellent and i will be returning for other reading
Tracy Brooks Stockport..

I really wanted to thank you for the wonderful reading I had with you today. Every single bit of it was so accurate, I will definitely visit you again. Thank you x
Claire Rawson
Hello Thank you for the reading you did for myself and my friend at the Elsecar show we were both really impressed.Thank you. Ann

Just wish to thank you for the Psychic Awareness workshop i cant wait for the level 2 now its opened my eyes i have never know a teacher like you so down to earth and great energy if there is people reading this comments list join the psychic awereness workshop you will never look at life in the same way again.. Thank you Jewel see you on Level 2 workshop.. Love and light Tracy..XXXXX
Tracy Lewis
I have known Jewel-Marie for some years and not only is she a very kind hearted lady, she is a very caring and gifted person.
Garry Johnson
just to say a big thankyou for all your help support and guidance since doing your workshops to level 3.even when you are so busy you still find time for your students thankyou for giving me the inspiration. xx
Just wanted to put a comment on your site i came to the great Lincoln Show and came to your talk on Palmistry and Crystal Ball. I have to say i went to many talks over that weekend but your talk stood out by miles it was fun and very interesting and we even learnt about our palms as well.. I just wanted to say great Talk and if you go to any of the shows that Jewel-Marie is at go and see this ladies talk you will love it.. Thank you i wanted a reading but sadly you were booked up as it was a busy show hope to see you at the Spalding Show.From Mark
Mark Johnson
Hi had a reading with you this weekend at BSSK show. I have been to many Spiritual shows and i came to your talk on Palimistry and then had a Palmistry reading with you..And i have to say i have had Palmistry done before but i was amazed with the Palmistry you did for me i now know i have never had Palmistry done before as yours was the old art of palmistry and its blown me away the things you told me about my past were spot on and then you went to my life now and you were spot on then you went into my future as well.. I just want to say thank you it was the best reading i have ever had your a good Clairvoyant and know your Palmistry 100% to be honest i was rather spooked in a good way.. Thank you and i will be back for other reading in the future you are a sweet lady as well as been the best Clairvoyant i have ever had a reading from.. Best wishes from Barry Morgan..
Barry Morgan
Hello i had a crystal ball reading with you in all the readings over the many years i have to say the crystal ball reading i had with you was outstanding how do you see them things in there and you even did mediumship for me as well... You have given me great peace of mind as well as guidance for my future.. You are a very down to earth and kind lady and i wish to thank you for my crystal ball reading you will be seeing me again in the future. Many thanks from Tina..
Tina Shaw
Jewel-Marie thanks so very much for the reading at Liverpool,mind body & spirit.The cd made has been constantly played & has helped me come to terms with life changes, were I felt no hope Brian
I contacted Jewel-Marie when my beloved dog was stolen from my garden i didant really know what to do and and friend of mine has been to this lady for many years for readings and just said speak to her she may be able to help so thought it was a bit daft but i did contact this lovely lady... And to my great shock this lady came to my home were my dog was stolen from and did this thing called pychometry this lady walked round my garden on her own she sat down and was quiet for about half hour she was writing all the time while been in the garden she then handed me what she had been writing there was a street name and other details on this note pad she had written 2 people and drugs... Well cant go into all the details but i got my beloved dog back with what this lady had written she never charge me one penny of money and did all this because she wished to help me when i offerd her money all she said was make a donation to the RSPCA and i did... Thank you for your kindness and help to myself and my bestfriend Max my dog.. Lots of love James XXXXXX
James Starkey
Thankyou so much for the reading.You were very accurate and helped me to make some decisions that I was unsure about. This was my third reading with you and I will definetely have a follow up one a few months down the road.You are a very caring and genuine lady.Many Thanks.
Jewel Marie i had a reading with you at the lincoln Show on Sunday i just wish to thank you i have never had a reading done before that gave me information of my passed and then in to my future and in both cases you were 100% corret thank you i now feel i know were i am going and what i should be doing so thank you again for the best ever reading i have ever had done..Mary
Mary Brown
Dear Jewel Marie you did me a reading at Liverpool and i have to say that reading has saved my life my wife told me to come to you for a reading i had never had a reading done before. And my wife after many years of marriage told me she didnot wish to be with me any longer and that was a big shock to me my whole life had done a big back flip i did not wish to carry on with out her even those she was still trying to help me. So i came to you for a reading you pick the whole lot up and told me i had to be positive that there was a home for me and if i got a life away from my wife that i would meet someone and i would then know what i had been missing.. Well at my lowest points i played my cd that you gave me and it gave me something to hold on to and i wanted to tell you i have a new home joined a night class and have met a lovely lady its early days but thank you i really feel your my Angel and you did save my life thank you from the bottom of my heart Chris..xx
Chris Thorbes
Hi Jewel Marie just wanted to say thank you for a lovely learning day today at the Bentley Hotel on level 1 you are the perfect teacher and host and made the whole exprience very rewarding in many ways and i am looking forward to spending the time learning. I have checked your website for the date of level 2 and i will be attending that once again many thanks Barbara Birkett..
Barbara Birkett
Jewel is a lovely lady and a great instructor and her courses are amazing! definatly a great way to learn, wish i could have carried on further with Jewel
Hi Jewel-Marie just wanted to say thank you for my reading at the Newark show at the weekend i had a Palmistry reading done with you after been at your talk it was the best reading i have ever had and i feel lots better about things thanks again Carl.XX
Carl Wood
I just wanted to say thank you for my reading at the BSSK show its given me lots to think about and its also great to know my brother who died when i was young is with me he was my older brother and i still miss him so to know his with me is lovely so thank you for the kind words and reading your a very kind and special lady.. Ainta..xx
Ainta Cooper
WOW WOW WOW Thank you just seen you at the BSSK Show this weekend have tried many times to see you after attending your talks many times there lots of fun different to other talks thank you for sorting my head and thats not a easy job : - ) Claire.xx
Claire Brown